Sunday, May 1, 2011

Talking Points #3 on Christensen

Well I did not completely understand the unbinding myths of what christensen had to explain in this article but what I sensed was that he was fixing on trying to uncover some of the truths that the media is used to educate and that people blame the media for so many things and do not see the good that comes out of it. Like for example many teenagers now-a-days can watch educational episodes that commit to real life situations that they can relate to and that are obviously possible. Such as learning about wildlife or how to survive after maybe a plane crash and how to survive while you are deserted in the middle of nowhere until you can reach for help. I think that some people have a misleading of other ways that the media can work not just superficillay but also ways to bring kids more to wanting to be able to educate themselves.


  1. allthough you state that you did not understand the reading i believe that you did and you explained it well. in reality Media does edcaute people in society it can in a negative or postive way. Therefore, media is powerful and is a main factor in people lives.

  2. you have a good point leecy. teens use the media to do alot of the work for them. its crazy to see that teens do not go outside and just play until the street lights come on, instead theyre going to the mall and talking on cell phones