Monday, March 28, 2011

Talking Points #7 on Ball

Well when I was reading my assigned reading what I had gotten out of the reading was the fact that hip-hop in the mass media was used to gear towards just one group being that African Americans. They were saying that there was an ideology that is clearly shown and how hip-hop was geared to on 1) how black people are put in environments that it would seem as if that's the only place they live at when truth comes out its not like that because there has also been other ethnicity s' that live like in the reading in the story said DISTINCT SPATIALLY communities. That really popped out at me cause I feel that Hispanics if we don't say something theres always those people who assume that cause a person is Hispanic they automatically relate us to gang violence and certain beats towards whats kind of music we listen to and classify us with that. Now getting back to the reading it also said that it forms the basis of this country's cheap labor. Now I have just listed just a few I would love to get into more discussion about how the ideology in the media targets such things. But at the same time being that the media is so massive I feel that if these ideologies were to be diminished by a voices of the youth we could change such ideologies and bring up the other sides of the stories of testimony to show that not all people can be classified to be one thing and actually try to promote change. Cause to be honest with you I feel that this reading can go both ways in the fact that media should be used to promote change.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Something I cam across while on facebook

I just wanted to blog about something that probably been touched about before but I feel that I want to bring it up. The topic that I want to touch is bullying and how it has affected many in society. I came across something on face book that was posted and thought to myself do you guys think that bullying in general and how it is perceived in real life towards what the media actually does about it as a whole is a problem that people still have to deal with today or has it somewhat lowered down? I will put a link up later on of both the President and Michelle Obama a speech as soon as I actually analyze what they say in this speech.