Sunday, May 1, 2011

Talking Points #9 on Tolman on "How Being a Good Girl can be Bad for Girls"

Well you know when I first read the title I didn't quite understand but when we got into a deep discussion in class I started to understand it more and it was actually very interesting. I need to know now this to me is very true. When a girl had lived her life and has never said yes freely because face it if you are brought up by strict parents and they are always putting pressure on the girl about making sure to say No No No to boys and when ever they ask them to do anything related to sexual intercourse just to say No and you'll be safe. But lets say if you can't say no what if these parents did not give awareness to their daughter about drugs that were used to make these girls defenseless and to not be able to do anything. What if they couldn't say yes or no because they aren't capable of it. They wake up confused and disoriented can anyone tell me if thats being a good girl or is the girl automatically considered bad because she consumed a drink innocently without ever letting pass her mind that someone would abuse her that way. I am confused on how people assume that all girls are just sex puppets and toys or symbols that could be used for any sexual fantasy without their consent. It really brings me to the point of saying is that so us as girls when we get older we have to change our ways because there are guys out there that will be willing to take advantage of quote on quote "Goodie Goodness."  So even if you say No you are not fully guaranteed that your No will be accounted for. And the most biggest thing is when people plan things to destroy Good Girls because if you think about it there are some girls who are put in these kind of traps of date rape and than afterwards with all the confusion they are put to shame because they are the Bad Girl even when it wasn't their fault. They could be the most quietest one (Good Girl) and someone always wants to make them look bad. For me I feel that everyone is actually there to make people look bad and to at the end of the day depending on so many standards that the media puts on the average Good Girl are sometimes completely out of the picture so here's a question for the media what is the average Good Girl? Does it vary?


  1. I really like the question you ended with! I think though there are occasionally exceptions in the media, ultimately it follows the typical good girl definition that Tolman and Higgins discussed. Good post!

  2. i have to agree with alexis, it is a really good question! i wonder what they would answer with??? great job leecy

  3. Thanks what I would like to know too!! glad im not the only one that thinks this what is up with the media