Friday, February 4, 2011

Talking Point #2 on Grinner

To think that when I read this article there were things that I had not realized and somethings that to me well weren't the way she put it to be. But most importantly I felt that as I read this article there were many references to the African American perspective of social stereotypes and I felt almost left out because there are also other races that have been stereotyped such as lets put an example Palestinians who are misinterpreted as being all bad people and a threat to society. I strongly feel that yes African Americans were stereotyped but also that the media in some kind of way doesn't try to stereotype I see it as showing people what may possibly happen in the day to day lifestyle. But there are plenty of other movies such as have almost a similar role of showing that African Americans can actually be very well spoken and in such have gone towards different color women. Another point I want to get across is the fact of Christianity showing integrity in a human being and showing the comparisons of how one who lives a Christian life tend to be more calm that what I got out of the reading and showed how one that does not live by those standards tends to be lower class than them. But I think that living a Christian life comes from within and the want to be higher in the sense that they are not taken advantage of. In our present day there is still stereotypes the woman is still seen as the weaker link its just not that much seen or targeted in society. There is still that glass window that the male has to see the woman as weak but now in teenagers you actually see the strength and offense that girls take whenever a male tells  them that they do better that just makes them want to do better and we have that push of wanting to be better than the masculine side. I really liked this article it sort of woke up a lot of inside thoughts that I had and made me think of how the media effects society today and how we as young people can change that.


  1. i agree with your argument about how christians feel as though anyone not following things that they practice as lesser than. I went to a catholic school and we had to endure that during religion class. The teacher would suck their teeth or laugh at us when we didnt know our religious history. they "just couldnt believe we knew nothing about our history". and its kinda sad that ideologies like that actually exist.

  2. I really liked your analysis of this article. It woke me up too and made me realize things that I hadn't really thought before. Good post!