Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Talking Point #1 media and ideology

I have to say that the ideology in the media is to me actually very minimal if you look at today's society. I was reading the part of "Normalization" now what I understood coming out of this text and that intrigued me was that the media tends to make up a normal person but now a days what I actually see is that there looking for a more exotic eye catching icon and have lost the values of what a normal person really is. You see now a days girls that look so unreal and than again maybe you wish you were like that but to think that images in the media are normal now a days I think that it has just become unrealistic. But the one thing that I really do like and that I got out of this reading was the fact that the media has in some kind of way accepted minorities in a way and now a days and the fact that the reason why maybe teenagers are so wanting of acceptance and the media gives that to them when they show icons of maybe family and friends and how parents just don't understand anything and than you get to the fact that the music and fashion just keeps teenagers occupied and the media has a way of pulling teenagers to fit in. If they advertise one type of group they always have different ways to advertise another. But that's just how they make their money and get people to buy the products that they promote. But I mean the media isn't all that good to everyone I mean you hear so many times how the media is blamed for school violence . But than again is it really their fault but there fully protected by a little something I like to call freedom of speech. The media not only focuses on teenagers but its a great way to communicate about politics. Although it may seem that teenagers don't care about how their country is governed the question pops up when the drinking age is put higher some teenagers may not like the idea but that just may be a well good reason to listen to the news or changes of laws in the senate. There are those small things that get teenagers fired up maybe not all of them but you have the ones who lets admit like to have a good time and if its not about drinking or other fun time experiences they may not listen. But than you have those other teenagers because of the actions of others have to suffer the consequences. Now that gets a good crowd rallied up. I think that the reason why some teenagers act the way the do is because of the lack of the trust they have in society. The media to me gives young people a voice to express what we feel. From your average social networks on the internet down to your day to day blogging opportunities this gives us a chance to be who we are and not care what anyones says. Another part I read was on Dominant Ideology speaking of whether the media is used to promote higher power leaders versus cultural contradictions. Cultural Contradictions being that both dominant ideology and partially challenging worldviews. The question is whether or not the media is used for higher power leaders or is used to inform the general public I was a little confused on this part my reasoning was what exactly were they talking about when they were trying to differentiate between the two? But following the text Dominant Ideology I think is used a lot in the media but for the public's benefit so that they are informed of high power leaders such as the senate and the president.

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